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Private Pay: $80

Hi! My name is Sara.

I love to hear peoples’ stories, and I’m excited to meet you and hear yours!

We all have thoughts and feelings about our life experiences that we don’t know what to do with. Difficult thoughts and feelings can make us feel alone and separated from God and other people. My life mission is to help you work through those challenges so you can connect deeply with God and others while you live a life of purpose and peace.

When we sit together you can expect to be seen, heard, and valued. I know what it is like to struggle with depression, anxiety, anger, trauma, doubt, shame, grief, and being judged by others, among other issues. My life experiences help me show you compassion and hear your story without judgment.

I strive to treat each person I meet with the value and dignity I believe they are created with, regardless of their personal beliefs, because experiencing honor in relationships is a foundational part of healing the hurts that we all carry. I am a Pastoral Counselor, and I am open to all questions, concerns, and doubts about God, the Bible, and the Church. Especially from the LGBTQIA+ community and their families, who I am particularly passionate about serving. As a client, you get to decide what it looks like to integrate spirituality into your mental health during our sessions.

In 2020 I published my first book called “Tasting Dirt: When You’re Disappointed with God” to share my story of hurt and healing as a source of hope for people who are struggling. I also author the blog “EmotionCulture.com” to explore the connection between our emotions and our spirituality, and I’ve written multiple Bible reading plans on the YouVersion Bible App.

I love questions, so feel free to contact me with any that you have!

Specialized Training

  • Certified Stephen Minister
  • Completed a total of 3 years of Pastoral Care Internships at multiple churches
  • Mentoring and ministering to teens and adults in various capacities since 2009
  • Mental Health First Aid

Education and License

  • Bachelor of Science degree in Christian Counseling with a concentration in Biblical Studies from Johnson University
  • Ordained Minister of the Gospel in the State of Oklahoma
  • Certified Level 1 Internal Family Systems Model of Therapy
  • Expert Level Certification in Micro Expression Identification and Interpretation through the Paul Ekman Group
  • Certified Allender Method Practitioner for Trauma Informed Pastoral Counseling





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