Steve Swinford

Teen Boys | Adult MalesĀ 

Couples | First Responders

Private Pay: $125

Steve is a Marriage Counselor and Life Coach. Steve completed his life coaching training with Robbins-Madanes, a Tony Robbins company. As a marriage counselor, Steve has completed Prepare / Enrich Facilitator training, as well as Gottman L1 and Gottman L2 training. A long time Christian and student of the Bible, Steve believes that a healthy marriage places God as the foundation of that marriage. Steve currently counsels couples in private sessions and group workshops.

Steve has owned and operated a martial arts school since 2002. During this time, Steve has seen ADD, ADHD, Anxiety, and Depression impact our children and adults in ways not previously seen. Steve uses his education and training in life coaching, marriage counseling, martial arts and his police experience to help children and adults overcome negative emotions and unhealthy behaviors. Having seen thousands of children and adults over the last 20 years, Steve has developed a unique ability to connect and build rapport with his clients.

Steve retired from law enforcement after 20 years of service. During his law enforcement career, he witnessed traumatic events often. Because of this, Steve is able to understand and help first responders deal with the day to day stress they face in their line of work. Having experienced the emotions, or lack of emotions, first responders face on a daily basis, Steve is able to connect with first responders quickly and effectively.

Steve has also been certified as a Sports Psychology Coach. Working with athletes, Steve started to see the connection between performance and how each athlete processes information. Using modern approaches, Steve helps athletes overcome mental blocks and helps them reach their full potential in athletics and life.

Steve has been married for 23 years and has seven children and twelve grandchildren. He and his wife were foster parents and have adopted five of the seven children.

Specialized Training

  • Gottman L1 & L2

  • Prepare Enrich

  • Robbins-Madanes

    Education and License

    • Gottman L1 & L2 / Prepare Enrich / Robbins-Madanes




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